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How to Use Sprout Social: Guides for Success with Sprout

Unlock the value of Sprout Social with our product guides. These guides show you how to use Sprout to meet your business goals and ensure you never miss an opportunity on social. See how Sprout customers have leveled up their social strategies and discover additional resources and features you won’t want to miss. Get our best Sprout tips and tricks to drive smarter, faster business impact with the most intuitive social media platform.

Getting Started with Sprout Social

In this guide, you’ll find an overview of Sprout, tips for getting started, ways our tools help you accelerate your business impact through social and where to find additional help so you can start seeing results.

Download the Getting Started guide

Publishing with Sprout Social

Use Sprout’s collaborative publishing tools to plan and share content that resonates with your audience. Learn how to create and schedule posts, build campaigns, share and receive feedback from your stakeholders and more to elevate your social influence.

Download the Publishing guide

Tagging with Sprout Social

Use Tags to categorize your posts and messages and measure your performance. This guide introduces you to tagging features, common use cases and Sprout customer examples to help you keep your content organized and get the granular insights you need.

Download the Tagging guide