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Masterclass: How to Prepare Your Brand for a New Era in Social

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Session time: 45 minutes

A lot has changed in social media since the early 2000s. Social has become influence–it is now the channel on which trends are born, important conversations take place and sentiments are revealed. We’re in a new era of social media. Is your brand prepared to meet the ever-evolving expectations of your audience?  

Rachel Karten, Social Media Consultant and creator of the Link in Bio Newsletter, has been in the industry for over a decade and knows quite a bit about the evolution of consumer-brand relations in the social world. She worked for brands like Bon Appétit and Plated and recently worked on the famous campaign at CAVA with Youtube star, Emma Chamberlain

Tune in for a masterclass with Rachel Karten to learn how to best prepare for this next phase of social. 

You’ll leave this masterclass uncovering:

  • Why your old social strategy will no longer work in the new era of social media
  • How your brand can optimize social content for engagement
  • 3 campaign examples from brands Rachel helped succeed and tactics you can implement now

Your Speakers:


Rachel Karten

Rachel Karten

Rachel Karten is a social media professional who has worked in the field for over ten years at places like Bon Appétit and Plated. She is currently a Social Media Consultant who has worked with brands like CAVA and west elm. She’s also the creator of the Substack newsletter “Link in Bio” which has over 45,000 subscribers. @milkkarten

Sarah Corley

Sarah Corley

Sprout Social

Sarah Corley is a Marketing Campaign Strategist at Sprout Social. When she isn’t rocking the marketing world you’ll find her A) cooking/baking up a storm, B) with her nose in a book, C) wine tasting, D) playing piano or E) all of the above. Sarah’s claim to fame is setting a Guinness World Record when she worked for Nestle Toll House. @srcorley

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