Analyze Ad Campaign ROI with Paid Performance Reporting

Evaluate and report on the success of paid social campaigns executed through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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Let Data Drive Your Paid Strategy

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One Report, Your Most Important Channels

Get cross-network insights and identify your top performing channel or campaigns with centralized data and reporting.

Quickly Evaluate ROI

Gain insight into the aggregated ROI of your overall strategy or compare the ROI of individual campaigns to optimize appropriately.

Elegant and To-the-Point

Make campaign data digestible for every client and executive with a focus on the most important metrics.

Solve by KPI

With campaign data in a sortable, tabular view, it’s easy to find your top campaign by video views, conversions, impressions, engagement, and more.

Go beyond reporting, start analyzing

Dive deep into paid social data with powerful performance reporting and deep analytics together. Access hundreds of detailed paid metrics across networks—from spend, clicks and CPM to low-level conversion outcomes like “added to cart,” email registrations and content downloads—and tap into dynamic data visualizations.

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